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9 Steps to Achieve Your New Year’s Resolution with AI

It’s that time of year when the page of our calendar flips and we find ourselves enticed by the invitation of a new beginning. Infused with a sense of renewal, we evaluate the year gone by and set our intentions for the one ahead.  But, let’s be real! As swiftly as our commitment to the […]

ChatAI Expert Jan 05, 2024

It’s that time of year when the page of our calendar flips and we find ourselves enticed by the invitation of a new beginning. Infused with a sense of renewal, we evaluate the year gone by and set our intentions for the one ahead. 

But, let’s be real! As swiftly as our commitment to the gym arises, it often fizzles out by the time February rolls around. Similarly, our dedication to other New Year resolutions—be it at work, in relationships, or in other areas of life—too often disappears before making any substantial progress.

The lack of success in your New Year resolutions might not be because of the lack of dedication. It’s more than likely that you just didn’t have an effective goal-setting strategy. What about this year will be different? Well, this year you have the power of ChatAI to help you achieve your New Year’s resolution with AI.

9-Step Framework To Achieve Your New Year’s Resolution with AI

ChatAI can not only help set your New Year’s resolutions but also assist you in actualizing them. Follow this 9-step framework, making sure to follow prompt writing best practices, and achieve your goals in 2024.

1. Introduce Yourself to Your AI

The key to success in working with AI is clear instructions and well written communication. Introduce yourself to your AI companion and share your aspirations, strengths, weaknesses, and things you would like to work on. By painting a detailed picture of yourself, you’ll equip ChatAI to suggest personalized goals and strategies that resonate with you.

Prompt: “I’d like some help selecting my New Year’s resolutions. Here is a little about me to help you suggest them: [include details about your background, aspirations, hobbies and struggles].”

2. Narrow Down Your Key Areas

Kick things off by asking your AI for some potential improvement areas. Ten suggestions should do the trick. The areas could include physical health, relationships, career, and finance but also other areas like recreation, fitness, weight management, sleep, mental health or spirituality. 

Prompt: “Based on the information provided, can you suggest 10 key areas that I should consider focusing on in the New Year?”

Sure, we want to aim high, but let’s keep it practical too. Once ChatAI has made its suggestions, review the options with a critical eye, selecting the four areas most relevant to your current growth journey.

3. Craft Your Resolutions with AI

Achieve your New Years Resolutions with AI

Now that you’ve identified the your key areas, let ChatAI lead the way in producing realistic, meaningful resolutions. By providing tailored suggestions, AI ensures each objective is intimately connected with where you’re at and where you want to be.

Prompt: “Using my focus areas [insert areas], can you help me develop 5 resolutions that’ll guide my growth?”

By completing the previous steps, you’ve ensured that the resolutions are relevant to your current goals.

4. Create SMART Goals

Next up: making your resolutions SMART will help you make them more achievable! SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound.

Prompt to use for each area: “Can you suggest SMART goals they could work towards as part of this New Year resolution? A SMART goal is Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound.”

Establishing concrete goals makes your resolutions more tangible. It forms a stable scaffolding on which you can construct a plan of action. Inevitably, this encourages you to tackle your goals with renewed purpose and vigor every day rather than becoming just theoretical concepts.

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5. Curate Your AI Generated Vision Board

AI generated Vision Board

A picture speaks a thousand words. The Stable Diffusion image-to-text model in ChatAI will generate captivating images representing your goals, bringing them to life and helping you visualize your ideal outcomes.

Prompt: “Generate an image in a realistic style for this goal [insert your goal].”

Curating this vision board not only fuels your imagination but also pounds the message of change into your subconscious. Every time you view it, feel the fire of motivation rekindling—a powerful reminder to push onward.

6. Design Your 2024 Roadmap

Together with AI, create a roadmap replete with steps, milestones, and deadlines. Think of this as a blueprint taking you on a journey bursting with accomplishment.

Prompt: “Now let’s chart a roadmap. Can you help me develop an action plan with milestones and deadlines for these goals [insert goals]?”

The roadmap you craft provides clear guidance on your path, cementing the feeling of purpose and direction. You won’t feel aimless or overwhelmed. Instead, you’ll navigate your journey with a confident stride, knowing precisely where you’re headed.

7. Translate Goals To Daily Actions

Empower AI to transform your overarching goals into manageable, daily actions. These baby steps serve as the building blocks for your ultimate success.

Prompt: “Taking my goals into account [insert goals], suggest daily actions for steady progress.”

By adopting these bite-sized steps, you’ll experience the rush of achievement every day, creating consistent momentum throughout the year. This palpable sense of progress ensures each day is part of your larger success story.

8. Monitor Your Progress

Keep yourself in check with AI’s reliable support. Schedule regular meetings to evaluate progress, celebrate milestones, and make sure you are on track—and if you’re not, don’t be afraid to make adjustments.

Prompt: “It’s been [insert time frame]. This is how I’m doing with my resolutions [insert your progress]. Ask me additional questions that will help you evaluate my progress, suggest improvements, and finetune my strategy so that I can reach my goals.” 

Remember, it’s not about perfection but progression. These conversations ensure you remain accountable and adapt your approach as needed. They will guide you in making constant course corrections to align with your evolving goals.

9. Have Fun With It

Life is too short to make it just about endless to-do lists that are impossible to achieve. Sprinkle some fun and eccentric goals into your plan to keep things interesting!

Create some fun resolutions, whether they encourage your hobbies, like trying 20 different pizza restaurants in the city or extremely achievable like getting out of bed every day or plain ridiculous like laughing so much you get a stomach cramp.

Prompt: “Could you suggest some fun-filled, unconventional resolutions that aim to break the routine but still provide personal growth and enjoyment? Think along the lines of [suggest areas].”

Ready To Rock 2024?

Achieve Your New Years Resolutions with AI in 2024

Look, we’ve all been there. As the countdown to the New Year starts, we’re all pumped up, armed with a list of resolutions as long as a well-stocked bookshelf. Then, life happens, the resolutions fade, and by the time spring has sprung, we vaguely remember them.

It’s time to change this. This year you will achieve your New year’s resolution with AI. Take the plunge and use AI to improve your life and enhance your goal-setting for 2024. Once you create your resolutions, share this article with others and encourage them to try this innovative approach.

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