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Top 20 AI Prompts for Developers: Programming Help is Here

As a software developer, you’re no stranger to writing code. You probably already know tools like ChatAI can help you refine your coding skills and save you hours of work every day! Generative AI, including ChatAI, is not designed to replace you by writing all your code. its purpose is to assist you in enhancing […]

ChatAI Expert Jan 19, 2024

As a software developer, you’re no stranger to writing code. You probably already know tools like ChatAI can help you refine your coding skills and save you hours of work every day!

Generative AI, including ChatAI, is not designed to replace you by writing all your code. its purpose is to assist you in enhancing your coding skills, streamlining your workflow, and making your learning process more efficient. 

ChatAI is here to augment your capabilities, providing insights where necessary and aiding in the complex process of building resilient software structures. We put together a list of the top 20 AI prompts for developers to help you get started.

Whether you’re a beginner eager to learn more or an experienced programmer sharpening your skills, eventually you need to know how to write the prompts that will help you kickstart that next big coding project. But, until then here are twenty helpful prompts.

Top 20 AI Prompts for Developers

These ChatAI prompts are carefully curated to help developers of all skill levels learn new frameworks, optimize code performance, and tackle various programming challenges. You’ll be a better programmer thanks to this toolkit, boosting your confidence and efficiency on the job.

Get ready to dive into and figure out how to shave hours from your workday during various stages of the development process.

1.  Explanation of Coding Concepts

Request a better understanding of a specific programming concept or function with this prompt:

“Explain how the [concept or function] works in [programming language].” Especially handy when studying a new language or revisiting an old one.

2.  Web Scraping

Extract information from websites effortlessly using this prompt: “Web scrape data from [URL] using Python.” It can save hours of manual research and data collection.

3.  Get Coding Best Practices

With the prompt “Show me best practices for writing [concept or function] in [programming language]” you can rest assured that you are following the highest standards for code development and your work aligns with the industry mavericks.

4.  Generate Code

Creating new functions can be a breeze with this prompt: “Write a [insert programming language] function. It accepts [input] and returns [output].

5.  Suggest Development Frameworks

Going bonkers trying to figure out what framework to use for your project? Just ask “Can you recommend a suitable front-end framework for my website? I’m making an [insert website type] website.” It’s like having your very own tech advisor.

6.  Syntax

Eradicate guesswork by requesting the correct syntax using: “What is the correct syntax for a [statement or function] in [programming language]?” Et voila, your very own language manual, reinvented in the form of ChatAI.

7. System Design and Architecture

You can design better systems with expert guidance using the prompt: “You are an expert at system design and architecture. Tell me how to design a [system]. The technology stack is [comma-separated list of technologies].”

This prompt provides essential guidance, tailored to specific technology stacks, for developing efficient, scalable, and maintainable systems.

8. Code Complete

Use AI to complete code

Use “Complete the code [code snippet]” to aid you when you’re stuck finishing a code snippet. You gain access to a virtual coding collaborator, capable of providing unique perspectives and solutions to overcome complex problems and enhancing your productivity.

9. Convert Code

Effortlessly convert between different languages or frameworks using this prompt: “Convert the below code snippet from [language/ framework] to [language/ framework]: [code snippet].”

It offers an accurate code translation, enabling you to adapt to different project requirements with ease.

10. Optimize Your Code with AI’s Help

Improve the performance of your code with “Optimize the following [programming language] code which [explain the functioning]: [code snippet].”

This will help you gain insights into performance enhancement techniques, making your applications run faster.

11. Code Review

Use this prompt to receive valuable feedback on your code: “Review the following [language] code for code smells and suggest improvements: [code block].”

This functions as an automated code review process, identifying and triaging problems early, and suggesting enhancements for better code efficiency and readability.

12. Fix a Bug

Sort out bugs with “How do I fix the following [programming language] code which [explain the functioning]? [code snippet].” The large language model will offer clear guidance and make the troubleshooting process more straightforward and less time-consuming.

13. Code Refactor

Enhance your code’s resilience and stability with “Refactor the given [language] code to improve its error handling and resilience: [code block].” It mimics having a seasoned developer guiding the refactoring process, enhancing your code’s scalability and overall quality.

14. Design Stage

Use “I need suggestions for designing an effective data model for my software project. Here are some details: [Briefly describe the project, key functionalities, user requirements, data sources, and relationships]” to receive suggestions for creating the best data models tailored to your project’s needs.

15. Have Fun Experimenting

With “I want you to act like a [programming language] interpreter/compiler. I will give you [programming language] code, and you will execute it.” Now, you’re essentially transforming the platform into an instant code execution playground.

16. Outline a Plan to Scale Your Project

Plan for future growth with “I’m working on a software project and need advice on ensuring scalability. Details: [Briefly describe the project, current usage and future growth, and technology stack].” This will unlock a software scalability expert at your disposal.

17. Unit Testing

Use the prompt “Write unit tests for the following [library/ framework] component [component code] using [testing framework/ library]” can simplify your unit testing process, ensuring your code’s integrity in the style of an automated test developer.

18. AI Guided Deployment

Determine the most effective deployment strategies with this prompt: “What are the best deployment strategies for this software project? [explain the project].” This will help you make the software’s transition from development to production smoother and more efficient.

19. Performance Optimization

Boost your application’s performance with expert suggestions using this prompt: “What techniques can I use to improve the performance of my application?” This will help you fine-tune your application, essentially functioning as if you had a performance-tuning specialist in your project team.

20. Documentation

Streamline your documentation process with this prompt: “Generate documentation for the code below. You should include detailed instructions to allow a developer to run it on a local machine, explain what the code does, and list vulnerabilities that exist in this code: [enter code].” 

Say hello to your automated technical writer, enhancing the quality, clarity, and comprehensibility of your code documentation, a necessity for effective knowledge transfer and code maintainability.

Ready, Set, Code

Coding has never been this convenient, thanks to these top 20 AI prompts for developers. From breathing life into a stubborn code snippet to hunting down those elusive bugs or getting your code to run faster than a cheetah, ChatAI’s got your back.

Now that you’ve got the lowdown, why be the keeper of all these coding secrets? Share these wise words with your developer buddies. Let’s help each other level up their coding game utilizing a large language model.

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