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6 ChatGPT Prompts For Every Marketing Team

If you’re managing a marketing team or a one-person show, you know all too well what it takes to build and launch a great marketing campaign. It requires an army of skills and a whole lot of coordination. In today’s marketing world, the margin for error is slim, deadlines are pressing, and the demand for […]

ChatAI Expert Dec 04, 2023

If you’re managing a marketing team or a one-person show, you know all too well what it takes to build and launch a great marketing campaign. It requires an army of skills and a whole lot of coordination. In today’s marketing world, the margin for error is slim, deadlines are pressing, and the demand for results is high. 

But let’s get real. Stellar creativity doesn’t guarantee marketing success! Every marketer needs all the advantages they can access. Artificial Intelligence, especially high-powered LLM models like ChatGPT-3.5, ChatGPT-4, Ai21, or Cohere, can bolster marketing efforts and assist team members in a multitude of ways.

By accessing these different AI models with ChatAI, you can whip up more innovative, personalized, and effective marketing strategies in less time while getting better results and higher customer engagement.

But here’s the best part. As a manager, you have the power to fan the flames of productivity. How? By serving up marketing-focused AI prompts that’ll help your team eliminate bottleneck tasks, and finish hours of work in seconds. Here are six ChatGPT prompts you can share with your marketing team today:

1. Improve Your Team’s Prompt Engineering Skills

The secret sauce to squeezing every ounce from AI? It all comes down to mastering prompt engineering. Constructing accurate, contextually rich prompts provides your AI with the necessary information about the task, context, and desired output. 

Fun fact: ChatGPT isn’t just your answer generator. It can help you whip up brilliant prompts too! It’s like proposing a meta-reality, we know. But leveraging AI’s unique, objective approach to construct prompts can offer a fresh perspective, which you can then use to produce more focused results.

Prompt: “‘I want ChatGPT-4 to help me with a task. The task is: [describe the problem, outcome you want, answers you’re looking for, and any other context]. How should I best phrase the prompt for you, ChatGPT-4, so that you understand it and give me the most detailed and comprehensive answer?”

Ready to get even more enlightened? Dive into our blog articles on prompt engineering. These posts offer invaluable tips for structuring your prompts, guidance on how to make them concise and specific, and more.

2. Create Engaging Content for Social Media

The ever-evolving world of social media presents challenges for marketers, as they strive to develop content that captures the attention of their target audience. Creating fresh, engaging, and platform-specific content can leave them winded. 

By integrating AI with your marketing strategies, your team can breathe new life into your social media campaigns. We’ll revisit the strategy from the previous point, where we ask ChatGPT to craft the best prompts for the specific task at hand.

To demonstrate AI’s ability to provide innovative content solutions for social media, let’s examine a prompt that helps repurpose blog content into captivating social media posts:

Prompt: “Give me the 10 most interesting, out-of-the-box ChatGPT prompts I could use that would show off the power of ChatGPT. The prompts should focus on converting the below blog post into a series of social media posts on Facebook. [Insert blog post here].”

The next step? Simply use one of the prompts AI has suggested or try a few and compare the results.

3. AI Assisted Market Analysis

Your marketing strategy needs a 360-degree view of not just your strengths, but your competition’s too. Reviews, customer feedback, and competitors’ analysis – gather critical insights without breaking a sweat.

Extracting insights from platforms such as G2 and TrustPilot can become an incredibly time-consuming and labor-intensive process. Why sift through mountains of data when AI can do all the heavy lifting for you? Here’s how you can simplify your competitive analysis:

Prompt: “Analyze reviews from G2 and TrustPilot for all products in [INDUSTRY]. Find common customer complaints, feedback, and recommendations. Structure your analysis according to: Features, Market share, Pricing, Marketing, Differentiators, Strengths, Weaknesses, and Geography. In your final review also compare how [PRODUCT] compares to competitors. Make sure you prioritize recent reviews.”

4. Strengthen Your Website Copy


Web copy is the face of your brand, and keeping it fresh, engaging, and informative is crucial for any business. To master this challenge, we have a suggestion your team can use. Look at your competitors to analyze winning strategies and use them to sprinkle its magic on your website copy.

Let ChatGPT mentor you through this process. Understand what the competition is doing right and rework your website copy to reflect similar wins. Here’s the recipe you need to share with your team:

Prompt 1: “Act like a word-class direct response copywriter and tell me why this website copy is good: [insert the copy from a page on your competitor’s website here].”

Prompt 2: “Here’s the copy from my web page. Based on your analysis of the first website copy, how can I make this page better? [Add your own copy here]”

When writing copy with the help of LLM models, follow these steps to ensure the content your team creates with ChatAI stays on brand.

5. Boost Email Conversions with AI

Despite the rise of social media, email marketing still holds the most power to boost your brand’s growth. Cracking high conversion rates is a two-step formula: nail the subject line to get them to open your emails, and use persuasive copy with high-converting Calls to Action (CTAs) that get the click and drive traffic to your website.

Let’s explore how ChatAI can assist in creating gripping subject lines and persuasive CTAs with two specific prompts:

Prompt 1: “Write 5 options for a gripping subject line that introduces my PRODUCT to a potential CLIENT. Make sure they’re human-sounding and valuable. Don’t sound pushy or too salesy.“

Prompt 2: “Write 3 calls to action for this email. Make sure they’re human-sounding and valuable. Use a friendly, but assertive tone. Keep the writing concise and clear. Each CTA should be up to 5 words. Email: [Paste email]”

6. Dodge Spam Filters

No matter how compelling your email content and CTAs are, their efficacy is heavily limited if they fail to reach the intended audience. To capitalize on your carefully crafted emails, the first requirement is to land them in the recipient’s inbox without becoming entangled in spam filters.

To ensure optimal deliverability, your marketing team must be aware of how to avoid spam-triggering words and phrases and find ways to convey the core message without flagging any detection systems.

You can get ChatGPT to play detective and sniff out possible email spam triggers. It can then suggest alternatives that keep your message intact but magically sidestep spam filters. Try this prompt:

Prompt: “Identify and substitute potential email spam trigger keywords within this email: [insert email subject and copy]. Suggest alternative phrasing while retaining the essence of our message. In your response, please explain the rationale behind your recommendations and how these changes can help improve our email deliverability.”

Bonus Prompt: Make Your Meetings More Productive

Meetings – can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em. On one hand, they foster team cohesion and collaboration. But on the other, poorly managed meetings can take a toll on productivity.

One significant factor determining the meeting’s approach is the team size. Meetings with a smaller group allow for more intimate communication and participation of each member. Larger meetings, on the other hand, may require more structure to ensure everyone’s voice is heard.

To guide your team in organizing productive meetings, use this ChatGPT prompt:

Prompt: “I need ideas on how to facilitate a productive conversation between [team size] people with different backgrounds and opinions.”

If you have other requirements or management preferences, don’t hesitate to add them to your prompt. By doing so, you can customize the AI-driven solutions and help bring out the best in your team’s communication and collaboration.

Give Your Team An Advantage

These six ChatGPT prompts for every marketing team showcase the immense potential of incorporating AI into your marketing efforts. They will help your team create engaging content, understand competition, fine-tune website copy, boost your email conversions, and outsmart spam filters. 

Share these ChatGPT prompts with your team to get optimized results when using ChatAI and make their everyday tasks easier. 

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